The congregations I serve

I am the pastor at two congregations in SW MN.  This may sound weird, but I serve a single point parish.

I thought you said you were serving two congregations???

I do. I am the called pastor at Salem Lutheran Church in Jackson, MN. I also serve Belmont Lutheran Church in rural Lakefield, MN. You see, Belmont has a contract for services with Salem. Belmont pays Salem X amount of dollars each month and I take care of Belmont as their pastor. It is a good deal and ministry arrangement for both congregations.

I have served Salem since June 1, 2004 and Belmont since November 27, 2005:


Has 350 members with an average worship attendance of about 64.
In 2009, Salem celebrated 125 years of ministry (1884-2009).
Check out Salem’s website

Salem’s photo album

Has 68 members with an average worship attendance of about 20.
Check out Belmont’s website

Ministry context
Jackson, MN is nestled in the beautiful Des Moines River valley; 8 miles from the Iowa border and 74 from South Dakota at the intersection of I-90 and US Hwy 71.  Jackson has a population of approximately 3,500 and is primarily an agricultural community.  This would definitely be classified as a rural ministry setting.  We may be a small community, but we are still close to some larger ones (i.e. Sioux Falls, Mankato, Fairmont, Worthington, Spirit Lake).  We get the joys of small town life with the advantages of a bigger community.

For more information on our nice little town, check out Jackson’s website