A Reformation Prayer

Let’s pray…

Holy God,
nearly 500 years ago, one man,
Martin Luther,
started a reformation that would change the Church
and the world forever.


we are not here to worship this man
but rather worship You through another man,
Your Son and our Savior,
Jesus Christ.
For it is through Jesus’ death and resurrection
that we are made righteous in Your eyes.
It is through the Holy Spirit
that we come to know this truth.
It is through Your love
that we even have hope in the first place.

So I ask that Your Spirit may move
through and
around us today
as we hear this Word of Truth from Your Holy Word.
May Your Word create, sustain or strengthen faith
and may it not return to You empty.
And through this Word of Truth,
may we be modern day
as we lead people to Your Son,
Jesus Christ.

All honor
and glory
and worship
and praise
be unto You, holy God, through Christ Jesus our Lord,


The Pastor -|—

The Future

The future lurks.
It lurks like that boogie man from childhood stories.
The future stalks.
It stalks like those scary Stephen King creatures.
The future waits.
It waits like a predator eyeing it’s prey.

The future is coming,
and all we can do is
wait and
wait and

And it’s scary,
the not knowing,
being out of control,
not being able to plan and
anticipate and

But that’s how the future likes it.
It wants you scared so it can control

But God says, “Fear not
But I say, “The future is scary
But God says, “I am your past, present and future

I love you, my child
I love you, more than you can imagine
I created you
I shaped you
I gave my Son for you
I love you, so do not fear

[goose bumps, sigh, breath, smile]

Take that you lurking, stalking and waiting future.
My God is bigger.
My God is stronger.
My God is my refuge.

Oh God, I wait for YOU…

The Pastor -|—

Water Walker

I sit in the boat,
secure and

I sit in the boat,
looking out,
waiting and

I sit in the boat,
seeing Jesus
beckoning me,
and I shudder.


we were not created to be boat sitters,
sight seers or
in this dangerous cruise of life.
We we were created to be water walkers,
Faith seekers;
trusting Jesus.

Peter cried out to Jesus to walk on the water
and I sit by watching.
Beckon me to come,
Lord Jesus,
beckon me.
And may I keep my eyes on you, lest I sink.

Make me a water walker and not a boat sitter.
Make me a Jesus follower and not a Jesus spectator.

Oh Lord, Jesus,
I want to walk on the water with you.

The Pastor -|—


The ocean is wide and vast.
The ocean is deep and dangerous.
It is a scary place of desolation and death.

And there are people in the ocean

People are struggling to stay afloat.
People are gasping for breath.
People fighting for life.

Slowly drowning

And if you have a lifeline why not throw it?
Why not shout, “Here it is”?
Why not jump in and help people to the boat?

Why not?

Remember that you were once lost.
Remember that you were once drowning.
Remember that you were once dying.


Jesus became your lifeline.
So I ask again,
if you have a lifeline why not throw it?
Why not shout, “Here it is”?
Why not jump in and help people to the boat?

People are drowning.
People are lost.

Toss the lifeline.

The Pastor -|—


As I look out my window,
I see lifelessness.
I see naked trees
with fallen leaves;
that which had color now possesses

As I look out my window,
I see lifelessness.
I see empty roads;
quiet streets.
Activity that once was bustling
has gone silent.

As I look out my window,
I see lifelessness
I am reminded of the beginning;
a beginning that was chaos and nothing;
nothing but Your Spirit, oh God,
hovering over the waters of the deep.
And so the lifelessness I see is really not lifeless.

You are hovering.

So as I look out my window,
I see Life.
I see beauty,
created by You.
That which I saw as lifeless
really is not.

As I look out my window…


The Pastor -|—

Intimacy ~ A Prayer before Preaching

Holy God,
To seek You in prayer,
is to seek intimacy with the Creator of the universe;
the lover of our souls.
May we not take this moment for granted through
worries or
distractions or
forward looking to some activity.
May we dwell in this moment
also be willing to leave this moment and transition back to the mission field. May we hear this proclaimed Word and take it to heart
and not hear these words as just information.
Heal our hearts, oh Lord.
Transform our hearts, oh Lord.
Now may the words of my mouth be Your holy and inspired word.
Grant me boldness and faithfulness.
Grant me the holy desire to speak and preach from the heart
that You may be glorified.
To You be honor and worship through Christ Jesus our Lord,

The Pastor -|—

Gathering Around Your Word ~ An Opening Prayer

Holy God,
mighty and merciful;

send Your Holy Spirit as we gather around Your most holy Word.

May You drive away all that clings to our hearts;
weighing it down.
May You direct our eyes to the cross;
wherein the King of glory died for us.
May we gaze into the empty tomb to see our Savior gone;
risen to New Life for us.

And as we have our attention redirected from the sinful ways of the world,
fill our hearts with Your peace
that we may grow closer to You and
fall into Your loving arms;
not the arms of this decaying world.
May Your word penetrate the hardest of hearts and
draw Your children back to You.

All praise and glory be unto You,
Holy Father,
through Ch
rist Jesus our Lord


The Pastor -|—