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A Pleasing Aroma ~ An Opening Prayer

Let us prepare our hearts to worship our awesome God…

Holy God, loving Father,
we come before You, this morning, to worship.
But we come with baggage filled with sinful desires.
We come distracted over worldly cares.
We come weighed down with burdens.
Some come with open hands,
longing to be filled.
Some come with closed hearts;
only making an appearance for selfish gain.
Some come with jubilant hearts,
thankful for Your abundant grace and mercy.

However we come and with whatever intentions,
may Your Spirit fill our hearts,
so much so,
that we are lead in authentic worship
that brings glory to Your most precious name.
And through our worship,
may we be sent out to continue living lives of worship
that glorifies your name among others.

May hearts be focused on You
may heart-filled words leave our lips as a pleasing aroma to Your ears.
In Jesus name we pray,

As always, may God be glorified in your worship this morning.
Praise be God!

The Pastor -|—

Worship ~ A Prayer

Father God,
worship is at the heart of our being;
for to know You
is to burst forth into joyous praise.
To know You is to sing of Your glory.
To know You is to shout of Your faithfulness.
To know You is to fall at Your feet in humble submission.

our hearts seek other gods and give them our devotion.
We seek other gods and give them our praise.
We forgo worshipping You to please ourselves and to please other’s expectations.

But You are worthy of so much more.
Forgive us, oh God.

Convict hearts that they may turn to You.
Show people Your faithfulness.
Draw us to You, oh God.

May the gods of this world be deposed from our hearts and may You reign supreme in our hearts.

All glory, praise and worship be to You, oh God, through Christ Jesus our Lord.

The Pastor -|—

Your Holy Word ~ A Prayer before Preaching

It never ceases to amaze me that I get to preach God’s Word in this way each and every week. It also never ceases to amaze me that these fingers manage to pound out words through this keyboard, that when put together are something that proclaims Christ to people. And so my prayer each and every week (and day), as I approach God’s Word, is that I may be faithful with God’s Word and approach God’s Word with an open heart; one ready to receive.

May God be glorified in this sermon this morning and may the Holy Spirit do it’s thing in this place and wherever you are at. Let’s pray..

To approach Your holy Word faithfully
is to do so with fear and trembling;
not only because of how it convicts us of sin
but also because
of it’s awesome power through the Holy Spirit.
For Your Word kills and gives life.
It convicts and redeems.
It’s alive.
It’s does something.

And so may we approach Your Word here this morning with great expectation;
leaning on Your promises
and joyfully basking in Your faithfulness.
May we toss off all that would hinder our hearing of Your Word
and fix our eyes on
May we receive this Word with all joy
but not just receive it,
but also put it into faithful action that proclaims Your glory.
May we embrace its transformative power
that gives courage in a fear-filled world.

All glory,
and praise
be onto
holy Father,
through Christ Jesus our Lord,

The Pastor -|—

Awesome Creator ~ An Opening Prayer

As you prepare your hearts to worship our awesome God, this morning, humble yourselves as you ponder God’s creative beauty and power. Let’s pray…

Creator God,
in the beginning You created with a

You said it and it came into being.
You breathed life into all living things.
You set the course of creation into motion
continue to reign over all as You are our very life that we breath.
And because You are King and Lord of all,
we gather to worship

We gather as broken people in this hospital for sinners,
needing You to heal us.
We gather as a redeemed people;
thankful and grateful for the Life we have through Jesus.
We gather as one body, with one Lord,
to lift up our praises in a unified voice.

May we sing not from selfish motives
but from a jubilant heart.

And may we ever keep our eyes fixed on Your glory
as we long to gaze on Your holy face in Your temple
forever and ever.

All praise and worship be to

Creator God,
through Christ Jesus our Lord,


May God be glorified in your worship this morning and may the Spirit fill your hearts with joy.

The Pastor -|—

Pierce Our Souls ~ A Prayer before Preaching

A prayer in preparation for preaching but it also can be used in preparation to listen/read God’s Word. Let’s pray…

Awesome and most holy God,
words just don’t seem to be appropriate to describe your glory;
for to try to do so would be to cheapen it
and to make it something less than what it really is.

And so I speak to you from my heart this morning.
God, I love you.
I love Jesus.
I love the fact that through faith in Jesus You give salvation;
but not only do I love that
I am also eternally grateful.

But I hate the fact that I am a sinner.
I hate the fact that I stray from You,
and therefore I love the fact that
You gave us Your most holy Word

as a guide,
as THE source of life,
as a teacher,
as one that rebukes and corrects
and lifts up; training in righteousness.

And so I ask you, from the heart,
to speak to us here this morning.
Make us more holy; more like Your son, Jesus.
Convict us in areas of our lives that need changing.
Strengthen us in areas of our lives where we are faltering.
Encourage us in areas where we are needed to be strong for You.
Bring people to You who do not believe; saving them from eternal condemnation. And speak to Your children; sending them out to live as disciples.
May Your most holy Word be a sharp two-edged sword to pierce our very souls. It’s in Jesus holy name that I pray, Amen.

May God’s Word pierce your souls this morning; convicting you and raising you up. All praise be to God.

The Pastor -|—

From the Heart ~ An Opening Prayer

Join me in preparing your heart for worship. Let’s pray…

From within the depths of our hearts,
we worship You, oh God.
It is from our heart that we cry out to You.
It is from the heart that we raise our prayers to You.
It is from the heart that we offer our praise and thanks to you.
Oh God,
You are our salvation.
You are our life.
But it baffles me,
oh God,
that You would show mercy to sinners such as us.
For we are
 and faithless.
We are lovers of this world;
lovers of our lives,
but You, oh God,
are the lover of our souls through Jesus Christ.

And so I appeal to You to send Your Spirit to those who do not know you;
to soften the hearts of those who would hold grudges,
and to embolden those who would hold back from serving you.
Receive our praise,
hear our prayers,
speak to us through Your holy Word.
In Jesus name I pray,

May your worship this morning be authentic and from the heart for God is worthy of nothing less.

The Pastor -|—

Opening Prayer ~ Performing for God

A prayer in preparation for worship. The part in bold type are the words of Charles Spurgeon. May God be praised and glorified in your worship this morning.

The Pastor -|—

“Hallowed be Thy Name.”
Oh that all the earth would ever reverence it.
As for ourselves,
enable us by Thy grace to use it with awe and trembling;
and may a consideration of the glorious character
which is intended by Thy gracious name,
ever lay us in the very dust before Thee,
and yet
lift us up with holy joy and with an unwavering confidence.
We come before Thee this morning
through Christ Jesus our Lord
to express our entire confidence in You.
We come before you in humble submission
to express our obedience to You.
We come before you in joy to express our thanks to You
for the life we have in Jesus.
So receive our worship
as our holy performance for You;
may you be pleased
and may we be filled with Your Spirit.
In Jesus name I pray,