Yup…I am still here.  This past week has gotten busy…which is normal for this time in December.  Let’s see what we have here: (1) Christmas open house at the parsonage is coming up; (2) along with our Christmas program; (3) Christmas worship services need to be planned; (4) and of course there are board meetings with the synod, Bible camp and congregation; (5) Plus the everyday, normal church “stuff”; and (5) For good measure I have a funeral next week.


…But don’t get me wrong…I am not trying to whine and complain; sharing my sob story here.  But it never ceases to amaze me how I forget about the mayhem that always seems to hit this time of the year.  It’s like I get amnesia…and maybe that is a good thing, because if I were to dwell on this craziness all year-long I might have run for the hills a long time ago.  But as it stands, I am still here…and…God continues to be faithful.

I am a little stressed, but I know everything will turn out great.  The Gospel will be preached and the Holy Spirit will do its thing.  And after all…isn’t that the point?  To let go and let God be God.  I think so.

So I am going to get back to my “lazy” afternoon of sitting in my favorite chair; drinking coffee and reading scripture.  A combination that you can never go wrong with.  And oh ya…all that Christmas planning and other “stuff”…it will get done.  To the glory of God.


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One response to “Whew…

  1. Ah…but Chritmas is getting closer and those relaxing lazy afternoons are becoming few!