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Forgetfulness: A prayer

Gracious God,

When Jesus’ body was broken and his blood spilled; he did it for me.  And now Jesus commands us to eat bread and drink the cup in remembrance of him; of what he did for us.

Remembrance ~ this implies, though, that we forget.  And we do. We forget about Jesus.
We forget about his love.
We forget about his sacrifice.
We forget about his faithfulness.
We forget about his suffering and death; we forget about his cross.

How could we forget such things?

but we do.  

Our sinful, evil, lustful, vengeful, despicable minds forget about the King of glory.

But you do not forget us.
May we not forget Jesus.
May we not forget all his benefits.
May we not forget about his grace.
May we not forget about the life he gives us through faith.

But here’s the cool thing, O God, your forgetfulness is even greater than ours.  When we come before you to confess our sins with all our heart we are told that our sins are far removed from us and no longer held against us.

You forgive and…

You forget
You don’t hold a grudge
You don’t dwell on our sins

O God, I am thankful for your forgetfulness and abhor my forgetfulness.

May I remember and praise you always.


The pastor -|—

Holy rest: A Prayer

Holy God; gracious and merciful…

Through Jesus Christ we find rest for our souls.
Through Jesus Christ we find peace for our hearts.
Through Jesus Christ we find hope for the future.

And this is all despite the fact that we are unfaithful to you, O God.

Almighty God, the depth of your love is unsearchable and the wideness of your mercy is unimaginable and the joy of your peace surpasses all understanding.

Oh Lord our God, how we desire to see you face to face and to soak in your majesty.  How we desire to behold your beauty and gaze on you for all eternity.  How we desire to sing with all your saints a song that never ends.  Mighty God, you are worthy of all worship, praise and honor.

May we rest in your promises on this Sabbath Day and forever more.

In Jesus name I pray,  Amen.

May this Sabbath Day be more than just rest from a busy week, but rather, resting in the promises of Jesus.  In the words of Jesus: “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. So the Son of Man is lord even of the Sabbath.” (Mark 2:27-28)

Enjoy your rest; now and forever more :-)

The pastor -|—

You and You alone

Holy God…

Today we gather to hear Your Word.
Today we gather to confess our sins.
Today we gather to sing Your praises.

But what ever the reason, may we gather to worship You and not the gods of this world.

May our sanctuary be where other believers are gathering around the Word and not around some sport or activity.

May we find our joy and rest in YOU.

May we be driven by the desire to praise YOU.

For You, O God, are our hope and salvation through Jesus Christ.
Nothing else can compare.
Nothing else can give life.
Nothing else can fill the God-shaped hole in our hearts.

Holy God, may all people seek You and You alone.

May You be praised always and forever.


The pastor -|—

Weakness: A prayer

Loving and gracious God,

May I always feel unprepared to preach, lead worship and engage in ministry.
May I always feel inadequate for the task at hand.
May I always feel weak…

…for when I am weak, unprepared, inadequate, it is then that I am strong, for in those moments your Spirit takes over and does something amazing.

May I know your Spirit’s presence this morning, and always, that you may be lifted up and glorified and not me.  For when I feel strong, prepared and adequate for the task ahead it is then that I seek the glory.  May that never be.

So I lay everything at your feet this morning and ask that you use me.

May your Word break through hearts of stone.
May your Word strengthen weak faith.
May your Word give life to dry bones.

This I lift up to you through your glorious Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord.


The pastor  -|—

Stir, stir, stir

Holy and awesome God, you have called me to preach your Word to your people.  And this is an awesome calling; one that causes me to pause and wonder if I am being faithful.  So God, I ask that you may stir my heart that I may know your Spirit and therefore turn over the controls.  For if this task were left up to me I would surely bring it all to ruin.  

But this calling to preach your Word is not limited to Sunday morning.  And it’s not even limited to me as a pastor.  You have called all your people to preach your Word to everyone.  So in that light I ask that you may bless the children this morning as they preach your Word through their Christmas program.  

But also, bless each and everyone one of us as we head out into the world so that we may not fail to preach, but boldly share our faith whether called to be a pastor or not. For through faith in Jesus Christ, all believers are received into the priesthood of all believers and therefore we are called to preach. Stir our hearts continually so that we may give you glory, continually.

Loving and worthy God, we are here ~ stir, stir, stir…

In Jesus’ name, Amen!

The pastor -|—

About one thing

Happy 1st Sunday of Advent!!!

May your preparations this Christmas season bring you joy as we anxiously await the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

May we not get caught up in the secular definitions of this season.
May we not lose sight of the meaning of this season.
May we not get caught up in the marketing hype of this season.

Christmas is about one thing and one thing only…
a baby
Jesus Christ
our Lord

Let’s prepare and celebrate rightly to the glory of God our Father…

Loving God, we praise for this gift of life, Jesus Christ our Lord.  We praise you that you came to us in such a humble way in order to show us your amazing love to a sinful people.  We praise you that we can have a sure and certain hope through faith in Jesus.  May our preparations this Advent season bring you glory and may we take advantage of every opportunity to proclaim the real meaning of this season. In Jesus name, AMEN!

Merry Advent :-)

The Pastor -|—


Most holy and awesome God, with simple but powerful words, you created the heavens and the earth.  
With spoken words you called your servants to prophesy and proclaim.  
With words you called forth Lazarus from bondage in a tomb.  
With words you proclaim forgiveness, life and salvation.
 And with words you create, build and maintain faith.  

How I am in awe of your Word, for your Word is lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. Thank you God for your holy Word through Jesus Christ our Lord and King.

But Lord, I also ask that you may bless my words.  Too often we use words to bring people down through gossip and bearing false witness.  May our witness be true as it blesses and praises your holy name.  May we defend people, speak well of them and explain their actions in the kindest way.  May people see our worship of you through our words.

Dear Lord, may your name be praised throughout the whole world and may your word go out and do what it set out to do.  Bless this day and may our worship be pleasing to your ears.  In Jesus name I pray…


Worship the Lord with all your heart for God is worthy.

The pastor -|—