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Changes and adjustments

I must admit…this new daddy role has taken some getting used to but it is sinking in more and more with each passing day.  There are many things I knew would change and others I didn’t know exactly how they would change.  I guess that just goes with the territory.  I keep learning and keep adjusting.  Eventually I will develop the illusion that I know what I am doing :-)


One of the big things I have been trying to get use to is working from home.  The congregation gave me the gift of working from home during the month of May so I could spend more time bonding with Mayah.  A couple days a week (when my wife is home) I do go into the office.

When this schedule first started I got a little frustrated because I didn’t anticipate how difficult this working from home would be.  I had big plans on how much I was going to get done while Mayah was sleeping.

Silly daddy…

The biggest problem was that I didn’t plan very well; so the first couple days at home not much work got done.  Now…I have planned my week out better and have set more realistic expectations for myself.  I have also adjusted my hours so I can get done everything that is expected of me by others and myself.

Wednesday was worship prep and sermon prep day from home.  I planned worship for Sunday and did some sermon prep reading and research.  Today (Thursday) I am home again but this time I will be fully ready to write the sermon while Mayah is sleeping…despite the fact I didn’t get much sleep last night.  Oh well…that’s what coffee is for.

So here we go…another day at home bonding with my little girl and doing ministry here in Jackson.  The best of both worlds.

The pastor/new daddy -|—


I need to start writing again.  It’s funny how I always seem to be drawn back. Not that I am trying to get away but I had felt I had nothing more to say after 6 years of posting here.

But lately…

…I have felt that God is not done with me yet.  So stand (or sit) by…



This picture was taken while I was “working” :)

I went to visit a parishioner living in one of our local nursing homes the other day.  Directly outside his window was this scene.

When I arrived in his room we greeted one another and he said to me that he was watching “God’s little creatures“.  I sat down and started watching as well.  We spent time watching these little birds dance around the feeders.  Red finches showed up, a couple sparrows and some other birds that I couldn’t identify.  They seemed to be playing and fighting for room.  It was quite a scene.  Birds would get chased away but would quickly return to “play”.

Between bird feeder observations, Dave and I chatted about the “important” things of life.  But really…it was hard to focus on those “important” things while watching the play unfold outside the window.  At that moment “God’s little creatures”  were the “important” things.

And that was fine with Dave and me :)

At first these little creatures were shy when I tried to snap their picture. As soon as I would move the little theater outside the window would clear out, but eventually they warmed up to me…hence the picture.  Maybe they perceived me as a fellow creature of God (at least that is what I am going to go with).  Whatever the case…more and more birds showed up…all feeling comfortable being on stage.

Eventually it was time to leave.  Dave and I shook hands, I took one more glance at the scene outside the window and I said good bye; thanking them for their performance.

And this, my friends, is what I call “work”…enjoying God’s creatures big and small :)

Praise be to God!